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Sell New Goldsvet 8.X MRS (casino club) NULLED. SOURCE CODE
06.05.2022, 11:12
We have a casino on sale platform for online and offline club [url=https://goldsvet.su/assets/images/online.jpg][img]https://goldsvet.su/onlineq.jpg[/img][/url] Our casino script is completely source code. Our platform script: 1) Not a limited number of domains and ip. 2) All games are open source. 3) In the kit you get more than 1100 games written in HTML5, different providers. 4) All games work on your computer and phone 5) Our programmers are always happy to help with casino installation and setup If you are interested in the price and you want to see a demo, please contact us, we are always happy to answer your questions Contacts: telegram: https://t.me/Goldsvet_su mail: sapgolds@protonmail.com website: http://goldsvet.su/
Контактное лицо: JamesCow E W | Телефон: 85513154238
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